Boobs of London

Questions & Answers

Question: What's the goal of this project?
Answer: To tell stories that will never be told otherwise.
To create the first ever authentic collection of boobs and intimate stories of people that you can meet in London.
To find something common in their stories.
To find something unexpected in their pictures.
To find something interesting in the reactions to this project from other people.
To learn.
To step out of the comfort zone. To create something different. Something that will only become more valuable in 20, 40, and 60 years from now.
To make art history.
Question: Will my name stay anonymous?
Answer: Yes! We only publish your age, your story and photographs of your boobs.
Question: How long will the photoshoot take?
Answer: No more than 5 minutes. We only need 2 different pictures of your boobs.
Question: Where will the pictures of my boobs published?
Answer: We'll publish them on this website, in a printed book and display them in an art gallery.
Question: I want to ask you another question!
Answer: Sure, please email to