Boobs of London


This art project expanded my knowledge of beautiful women and the city I live in - I would like to share this fascinating and intriguing knowledge with you.

The age of women who participated in this project so far ranges from 18 to 37 years old.

Some women have sex of the intensity that leaves bruises on their body.

Some straight men can act in a way that they're perceived as gay by some women. This means their masculinity is not obvious and their intentions are not clear to women. Their behaviour is too feminine and it confuses women.

Some women enjoy when their partners lick their ears during sex. They like to lick ears of their partners too, although most likely it's a new thing for their partners.

Some women enjoy to be bitten during sex. So they have bruises on their body that they have to lie about.

Mental illness is a problem that some women don't share even with their closest friends. Creative industry can become a way for them to express their struggles. Some women learn to accept themselves and their flaws. Some women faced difficult childhood that made them stronger today.

Some women go to sex clubs in London to freely talk about their sex fetishes and fantasies in a relaxed non-judgmental atmosphere.

Some women get horny when frustrated, so they take masturbation breaks to release the tension.

Some women feel empowered when they get their boobs out in public. This makes them feel more themselves.

Some women in long term relationships wonder if they're missing out one night stands and sex with strangers.

Some women go through abusive relationship, break out and learn to be themselves.

Some women love having sex on hays and in public parks.

Some women have insecurity about the fact that one of their boobs is bigger than the other.

Some women have no issue with nudity as they've got their body confidence inspired by their mums.

I'll be updating this diary with new knowledge - stay tuned!

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